Adventures in Laos: The Last Frontier
Looking for an adventure in pristine wilderness? You’re born to experience Laos. The Last Frontier offers plenty of exciting adventures for everyone.


Laos opens a Pandora’s Box of adventures for curious thrill seekers of all ages and sizes. Take a lazy boat ride through the jungle or zip-line over a waterfall. Spend a few hours trekking in the countryside, or climb mountain trails to remote villages on a multi-day expedition. You can head off on a journey by kayak, 4WD truck, mountain bike, and foot, or mix your mode of movements on a Combo Tour.

Rivers and lakes offer loads of wet-and-wild activities…kayaking, rafting, tubing, and long boat rides. The Mighty Mekong floats you through a world of adventures in natural solitude to isolated villages on its banks. Green Season turns streams into rivers for world-class kayaking and rafting. The skies may open with short showers, but this brings the flora to life, and paints the landscape in green.

Adrenalin junkies can go full-on extreme in the Last Frontier. Motocross maniacs and crazed off-roaders hit pay dirt and mud in Laos. You can tackle a mapped trail, or turn on the GPS and get lost. Looking for something less challenging? Hop on a cycle, mountain bike, or motor scooter, and explore the trails and paths that lead to villages. Or, relax on a boat ride and sail off into Never Never Land.  

What’s around that river bend? Who lives at the end of the trail? Where does this path go? Let your imagination run wild. Laos offers adventures for all fitness levels. Find the one that’s right for you.    


Adventures in Laos: The Last Frontier

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