Mekong Adventures

Mekong Adventures
There’s more to the Might Mekong than a boat ride. The region’s “Mother River” offers plenty on activities on the water and along the banks.


Get in the Mekong mood, and immerse yourself in the river’s flood of activities. Hop on a boat and take a leisurely cruise along the banks for a different perspective of nature. You can stop along the way at a village to experience riverside lifestyle, and try your hand at their clever fishing techniques. Guesthouses at major Mekong Ports often rent kayaks for you to inspect the riverbank at your leisure. 

Landlubbers can hop on a bike and pedal along riverside roads from village to village, stopping at the Mekong’s religious and heritage sites. In the evening, there’s plenty of riverside restaurants for drinks and dinner, and many offer sunset views. And from time to time, you’ll find a pleasant Mekong Dinner Cruise.        

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